elliot r. wolfson

on one foot dancing

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heads or tails

nothing attained
in discharge of
egg enlarged by
crack of shell inside
splintered from weight
of shameful pride
contemplating what
self is not
but attachment
not yet detached
from eye of vision
blinded in
mirror reflecting
breach of light
in cloud of gloom
illuminating ignorance
we are bound
to brittle gate of metallic death
as long as we ride
saddled on ass
burdened with no burden
but the burden to bear
something other than
this drop of breath
discharged in
attainment of nothing
it be
fiery wave of stagnant sea
between devotion and agony
longing again initially
to suck the breast
with lips undressed
before the throne
perfectly imbalanced
upon amputated leg
of freedom’s law
inflamed in the
fidelity of faithlessness

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