elliot r. wolfson

on one foot dancing

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in moment's blink

for every
to prepare
dawn of dusk
dusk of dawn
undone in chains
that move
feet embalmed
through torment
of turbulent calm
fading beyond
memorable trace
incised on face
lusting face
in secreted secret
issuing scum
like buzz from bee
mingling sky and sea
beneath david’s tower
empower hope of storm
circling dead heart
wishing to beat in heat
with wisdom sleek
running down cheek
dripping on lips
desiring suck
longing i am
on wave craving
momentary meandering
between mouth and tongue
yearning to cohabit
darkness of light
where time become
vessel of space
to have and to hold
the phallus i am
and wish not to be

august 1997

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