elliot r. wolfson

on one foot dancing

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skyscrapers & skulls

i saw visions bursting
balloons of disillusionment
cowards marching to rules
that have no exception
demigods elevated
in subjugation
fifty-two men
sixty-three women
weeping, broken
black feet in white socks
white feet in black socks

i saw into and through those
who perform sexless masculinity
who consume kafka & drink tea
who recite prayer & write poetry
who meditate rock & roll
who contemplate platonic soul
who tempt logic with symbolic fate
who bargain moses for golden plate
who walk like jesus in pool of hate
who unconsciously investigate
who ceremoniously copulate
who in memory masturbate
who worship feet & venerate wings
who crown queens & castrate kings
who procreate to pay rent
who hold on to what must be sent

i saw into and through those
who grunt like rabbis in face of pigs
stroking genitals of priestly twigs
covering tears with cosmetic paste
dying naked in majestic waste
determining indeterminacy
like dreams frozen at sea
by fates flung randomly

i saw visions shoot
beyond sabbath dawn
imagination forlorn
forms of sensibility
swirls of immortality
killed by cat's curiosity

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